KCCU achieved its Fall 2015 Warp Drive goal of $60,000. We received $59,977 in pledges and $1036.25 in vehicles from 310 members to total $61,013.25. This is a record for a fall fundraiser. In essence it stopped the bleeding, but we have not been released from the hospital.

I would like to address what this means for your public radio station. We have all heard of the impending budgetary crisis. Since our license-holder receives money from the state, there will be cuts. KCCU's budget will be reduced in some fashion.

KCCU has an opening for the position of Chief Engineer. You can apply online here. Applications can only be posted through the online portal. The posted job requirements are below. Please do not mail us your resume. All job related materials must be competed online.

KCCU and Cameron Files
Clinton Wieden / KCCU

At a regional meeting held at Cameron University, the chancellor of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education laid out the group's budget request and legislative agendas for the next year. KCCU's Clinton Wieden has more.

KCCU and Cameron Files