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2:41 pm
Sun July 15, 2012

Bring Us To Your Party, The Finale

downloadable game." href="/post/bring-us-your-party-finale" class="noexit lightbox">
Take Ask Me Another to your next party with this downloadable game.

Originally published on Wed December 19, 2012 4:56 pm

In our final edition of downloadable party puzzles, we offer you an Ask Me Another favorite: This, That or The Other. It's a a game where you can play host and quiz the know-it-alls in your life. This particular one is a game we've played several times in the first season. One incarnation involved offering a name, and you'd have to guess whether it belongs to a former world leader, a disease or an NPR reporter. In this iteration, we ask: Is it a cheese, a dance move or a character from Moby Dick?

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12:47 pm
Sun July 15, 2012

'Oklahoma!' Actress Celeste Holm Dies At 95

Originally published on Sun July 15, 2012 5:10 pm

Academy Award-winning actress Celeste Holm has died. A star on both stage and screen, Holm was best known for roles in Gentleman's Agreement, All About Eve and Oklahoma! She was 95.

Holm died early Sunday morning in her Manhattan apartment with her husband, family and close friends by her side. She had been hospitalized a couple weeks ago following a fire in actor Robert De Niro's apartment in the same building.

If there was one role that put Holm on the map, it was as the coquettish Ado Annie, in the 1943 hit musical, Oklahoma!

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The Two-Way
11:29 am
Sun July 15, 2012

Red Cross Declares Civil War In Syria

UN observers inspect a bombed-out school in the Syrian village of Tremsah, where as many as 200 people may have been killed after an armed conflict erupted last week.
Pierre Torres AFP/Getty Images

Originally published on Sun July 15, 2012 3:43 pm

The conflict in Syria has now reached the level of civil war, the Red Cross announced Sunday.

The declaration means international humanitarian law now applies throughout the country, and is the responsibility of all parties, whether rebel or government.

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The Two-Way
9:39 am
Sun July 15, 2012

Response To Disastrous Flood Ignites Russian Rage Online

An Emergency Ministry soldier helps to repair religious icons in a church hit by flood water in the town of Nizhnebakansky, about 750 miles south of Moscow, on Tuesday.
Sergey Ponomarev AP

Originally published on Wed July 18, 2012 11:54 am

Russians are slowly beginning to recover from the devastating flooding that soaked the southwestern region of Krasnodar. The floods, which struck in the early morning hours on July 7, reportedly killed more than 150 people.

It wasn't long before outrage flowed. Masha Lipman, a researcher with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Moscow, says the government had advance notice of the disaster, but didn't pass along the message.

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6:22 am
Sun July 15, 2012

Unusual Outliers In Baseball

Originally published on Sun July 15, 2012 10:11 am



SISTER WYNONA CARR: (Singing) Life...


Yes, it is time for sports with NPR's Mike Pesca, but, you know, this week I wanted to hear another song. Let's hit it...


SISTER SLEDGE: (Singing) We are family, I've got all my sisters with me. We are family. Get up everybody and sing.

GREENE: Mike, are you there?


GREENE: Do you recognize this song?

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