Terry Anderson

Membership Coordinator

Terry Anderson has joined the KCCU staff for his second session having recently retired and then called back to assist the office staff.  Terry was KCCU’s Development Director from 2002 to 2011 when he retired.  Prior to joining KCCU he spent 20 years in the Defense Industry as a software engineer and business development director working with Field Artillery weapons systems at Fort Sill and other military posts across the US.  Terry retired from the US Army in 1981 after 20 years of fun travel and adventure. He visited Okinawa, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Viet Nam, Germany, England, and Panama all as a guest of the US Department of Defense.

Terry comes to Oklahoma from Idaho where he married his high school sweetheart, Nancy, in 1961. She then joined him traveling around the world having great adventures and raising their four children, all graduates of Cameron University.  

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