Zach McGrew

Development Director

Zachary McGrew is a lifelong Lawton resident, though almost exclusively Cajun in ancestry and upbringing. He grew up listening to KCCU and is thrilled to be a part of something local, interactive, and public. Before joining KCCU, he worked in a local music store and then at the Cameron Library—always at a hub of information and interaction. Beginning as the Program Assistant III, he was soon promoted to the position of Development Director, and thus is responsible for growing KCCU's community status through underwriting, grants, and general involvement in the station's wide-ranging network.

Zach earned his B.A. in English (minors in History and Liberal Arts) from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, graduating Summa Cum Laude and winning the Distinguished Graduate Award. Using this education as a springboard for further growth, he is passionate about promoting and producing all forms of art, especially in a local context. Creatively driven, he also loves critical discussion of his ideas and deeply values anyone who can argue well. He hopes to continue his education studying Semiotics or Linguistic Anthropology in the near future.

Though educated in literature, Zach considers himself a musician above all—or as he terms it, a ‘muse-ician,’ as this portmanteau implies activity in any sort of creative endeavor. Raised in a musical family, Zach started playing guitar at 11 years old, though he ‘didn’t get serious until high school.’ He has since picked up bass, banjo, oud, and various percussion instruments. Predominantly a jazz fan, he is also keenly interested in modern classical and various traditional musics from Carnatic to Tuvan throat-singing (‘which my wife has forbidden me to practice in her presence’).

He is also fanatical about hiking and barbeque.