3 From Southwest Ok. to Serve on Ok. Military Panel

Oklahoma City, Ok. – Three men from Southwest Oklahoma have been named to serve on a commssion to explore ways to protect state military installations during the next base realignment and closure round set for 2005. Governor Brad Henry appointed defense contractor George Moses, retired Army colonel from Lawton-Ft. Sill, and Dr. Joe Lynn Leverett, Altus civic leader.
The governor has five appointees, and the house and senate heads each appoint one to the Oklahoma Strategic Military Planning Commission. State House Speaker Larry Adair appointed State Rep. David Braddock, Altus, to the commission.
The commission's legislative directive is to work to protect the five installations in the state from closure or downsizing plus improve potential private sector market value for them. The panel also recommends policies to protect military and civilian personnel who might be impacted by base closure and realignment.
Henry notes so far 97 bases have been closed due to BRAC since 1988; and Oklahoma so far has had its five installations maintained, one of just seven states to do so, although nothing is being taken for granted. Henry notes we must be ready to protect Oklahoma's five installations which are vital to the state's economy and employ thousands. Besides Ft. Sill and Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma is home to Vance and Tinker Air Force Bases, and the Army Ammunition Plant near McAlester.