Forty-one Percent of Oklahomans Worried About Depression

Tulsa, OK – A recent poll indicates 41 percent of Oklahomans think the U.S. economy soon could face another depression similar to the one the nation experienced in the 1930s.

According to the Oklahoma Poll conducted by SoonerPoll.com, older people, and those in the 35-44 age bracket, were the most likely to be concerned.

The telephone poll was done from Oct. 24-26 and included 357 likely voters. The poll, sponsored by the Tulsa World and Tulsa television station KOTV, has a margin of error of plus or minus 5.19 percentage points.

Poll consultant Al Soltow, a vice president for research at the University of Tulsa, says the 41 percent figure is a substantial number. He also says the age group most likely to think the economy is entering a depression are those 65 and above.

Almost two-thirds of those earning less than $25,000 annually predicted a depression, while less than one in five who make at least $100,000 annually did so.