Ft. Sill Gate Security Maintained

Lawton, Ok. – Ft. Sill deployed about 300 soldiers, members of transportation and engineering units on January 14, and about 100 more on January 20. These were deployments done in conjunction with President Bush's war on terrorism. And although the exact missions, troop figures and destinations were not announced for security reasons, the post did advise the media about the deployments so reports could be made public.
According to a spokesperson at the Ft. Sill Public Affairs Office, the level of security at the gates has remained consistant. Nancy Elliott says people (adults) entering post should have their picture identification and vehicle registration available to present on request for those handling the security details.
Elliott also notes those who enter post can still expect to be the subject of random vehicle inspections. She stresses the level of security is subject to change at any time as events and information dictate.