Ice on Ponds Makes for Dangerous Temptation

Lawton, Ok. – As tempting as that ice on a pond might look, it's seldom cold enough long enough to produce ice capable of safely supporting people for ice skating or sliding. And Lawton Fire Chief Bart Hadley says each winter he reads tragic stories of locations around the nation where children, and even adults, have fallen through thin ice.
Hadley says there are many variables, such as pond size, that go into deciding when the ice would be safe enough to support substantial weight. But he stresses that here in Oklahoma, it seldom happens so people need to avoid the ponds. According to Hadley, "Even when it is solidly frozen at the shore, and the ice appears to go across the pond, it's often much thinner in the middle." His best advice is to avoid the ponds.
Hadley also notes people can quickly become victims themselves as they try to rescue someone who has fallen through an icy surface. He says it's best to call 911 at once when someone falls through as rescuers have special training in dealing with these situations.