Inmate Says Jailer Sought McCain Vote

Denton, TX – An investigation is under way into allegations that a Denton city jailer told a detainee on Election Day that he would be released if he voted for John McCain.

Denton Police Chief Roy Minter and his supervisors will decide in the next week on possible disciplinary action against Chris Saunier, a nine-year veteran.

Saunier wasn't on duty yesterday and a telephone number couldn't be found for him.

The Dallas Morning News reports Aruto Ntel -- who recently became an American citizen -- said he was pulled over for speeding Nov. 4 en route to vote for the first time.

An employee at the Denton City Jail -- who was later identified by closed-circuit video as Saunier -- dangled a key in front of Ntel's face and said he'd let him out if he voted for McCain.

Ntel said after posting bond, a friend took the 25-year-old college student directly to the voting booth where he said he voted for President-elect Barack Obama.

Saunier has been placed on restricted duty and reassigned within the police department.