KCCU Features Severe Weather Coverage with KSWO-TV

Lawton, Ok. – KCCU will continue to bring the area the latest weekday weather in the morning and evening news segments with the KSWO-TV meteorologists plus provide the new addition of coverage of severe weather events when they strike.
The special new radio coverage is beginning with the spring storm season and will include information from radar as well as reporters and spotters in the field from the television station.
"People who have access to a radio at their workplaces, in a vehicle or anywhere can now listen to severe weather coverage as they need to via KCCU radio," said KCCU General Manager Mark Norman. Norman noted the great response of listeners to the KSWO weekday weather forecasts on the radio station.
KSWO-TV has three meteorologists on its weather team to be able to offer round-the-clock weather coverage when needed, and has state-of-the-art equipment for them to use in forecasting and covering the weather, being the longtime television weather leader. Included is a special weather tracking vehicle. The television station has produced an annual weather show featuring answers to callers questions for nearly 20 years.
"We are excited to be able to bring this accurate and timely severe weather coverage by the experts to our KCCU listeners," said Norman. "It is vitally important to their safety to know the particulars of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms as soon as possible so they can take the appropriate action."