KCCU Launched in iTunes Radio

Jun 10, 2014

KCCU, Cameron University’s public radio station, is now on iTunes RadioSM.  KCCU was selected as one of the first 42-public radio station nationwide for the initial product roll-out.

Credit Apple Inc

“This is quite an honor,” said Doug Cole, KCCU’s Director of Broadcasting. “I’d like to thank our Chief Engineer, William Shifflett for working closely with NPR Digital Services to make this happen,” Cole said. KCCU is the first public radio station in Oklahoma to be on iTunes Radio!

Accessing the station’s two programming streams is very easy. Simply open “Music” on your iPhone®. Next, select the Radio icon on the lower left.

Next, click the “New Station” icon and type in KCCU in the search field. Finally, when the two station logos appear, select KCCU or HD2 according to your listening preference. Turn us up, but be mindful not to inconvenience others.