Man Convicted of killing 4 People Executed

Huntsville, TX – Texas has executed a former Houston security guard for gunning down four people, including his ex-girlfriend and her two small children, during a 1996 shooting frenzy.

Forty-one-year-old Virgil Martinez was pronounced dead today at 6:50 p.m. Wednesday.

He was condemned for the slayings of 27-year-old Veronica Fuentes; her 5-year-old son, Joshua; 3-year-old daughter, Casandra; and a neighbor, 18-year-old John Gomez. Gomez, mortally wounded, told a police officer at the slaying scene that Martinez was the gunman.

In a rambling final statement, Martinez told relatives he loved them, then said, quote, ``I know what you've been told and that's all a lie. John Gomez killed your kids and sister.''

A victims' relative, Jerry Fuentes, who watched the execution tearfully read a prepared statement, saying ``The wheels of justice have finally turned. Although the system is flawed, justice has been served.''

Fuentes called Martinez a liar for his comments from the death chamber gurney and said the prisoner was disrespectful to the Gomez family, some of whom also watched him die.