Mid-March Terror Alert Level Up to Orange/High Status

Oklahoma City, Ok. – Oklahoma's Homeland Security Threat Level was raised March 17 to the High Condition/Orange status after Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry received notification of the increased alert to high/orange status at the federal level from U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge.
Henry said the Oklahoma level was increased on the advice of federal officials to provide the best possible protection to residents. He stressed although there was no specific information indicating Oklahoma may be the target of a terrorist threat, it was important to keep up the guard and prepare for any possibility.
The elevated threat level came following President Bush's address to the nation and the anticipated outbreak of hostilities in Iraq.
Oklahoma Homeland Security Director Bob Ricks encouraged an increased level of awarness for residents and immediate reporting of anything out of the ordinary to local law enforcement or the FBI. Notification by email is available through the homeland security link at www.youroklahoma.com.
Information on being prepared also can be found at the state homeland security link.
The federal website for guidlines about being prepared for emergencies is located at www.ready.gov.