Navy Yard Shooting Deadliest Rampage Since Fort Hood

Sep 17, 2013
Originally published on September 17, 2013 8:38 am
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It's MORNING EDITION from NPR News. Good morning. I'm Steve Inskeep.


And I'm Renee Montagne. Let's walk through yesterday's events at the Washington, D.C., Navy Yard. Investigators often begin their reconstruction of a mass shooting with a timeline.

INSKEEP: That timeline may change as they learn more. So what follows is the best information we have available now.

MONTAGNE: NPR's Brian Naylor joins us in our studios to walk us through some of that information. And Brian, what do we know about how this all started?

BRIAN NAYLOR, BYLINE: Renee, it all started at about 8:15, 8:20 or so yesterday morning, by all accounts a normal Monday morning. People were getting down to work, some had been there and while, as it's a military base. And people were gathering in a cafeteria and started hearing shots, gunshots. Now, this is a big facility, the Navy Yard, home to several different commands. Some 16,000 people, military, but civilians work there.

But the shooting was apparently confined to one building, Building 197, which houses something called the Naval Sea Systems Command, which is in charge of designing and engineering Navy ships. Authorities at the Navy Yard heard these shots, they set off fire alarms, which got many people to evacuate the buildings. One witness was Terry Durham(ph), a civilian with the Sea Systems Command. She spoke with Washington TV station WJLA.

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