A New Format for Local News - The Texoma Report

Aug 13, 2013

Beginning August 5, KCCU has revamped its local news coverage! Now, each day will feature The Texoma Report, a local newscast airing in the bottom of each hour during Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Broadcasts will originate with All Things Considered and replay during Morning Edition, giving The Texoma Report a normal schedule of Monday-Thursday during ATC and Tuesday-Friday during Morning Edition. The Friday afternoon segment from Quartz Mountain Nature Park remains unchanged.

The Texoma Report replaces the KCCU Newsminutes, which had been the primary method of local news delivery during these programs. Now, KCCU listeners will be able to get their local news in one informative newscast, rather than hearing different pieces of the news once per hour.

In addition to the news of the day, The Texoma Report will also air KCCU's award-winning locally-produced feature stories, as well as the in-depth reports of StateImpact Oklahoma and StateImpact Texas plus other stories from the AudioTexas network.