Oklahomans Urged To Be Alert At Orange Security Level

Oklahoma City, Ok. – Ok. Governor Brad Henry said, "The safety of Oklahoma citizens is our number one concern, and we are going to do everything possible to protect them." Henry stressed the February 7 elevation of the threat level was triggered by the national alert and it went up to the high risk, color-coded orange level. The govenor noted it was not due to receipt of any information indicating a threat specific to the Sooner State.
Henry notes he is working with the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security, the State Adjutant General and the Office of Civil Emergency Management to implement the actions corresponding with the elevated threat level. Oklahoma's law enforcement agencies also were notified of the elevated threat level.
According to Oklahoma Homeland Security Director Bob Ricks, "Citizens are encouraged to be vigilant in their observations, acutely aware of their surroundings, and to immediately report anything out of the ordinary to local law enforcement."
Ft.Sill's Public Affairs Office notes that gate security is subject to change without notice, although this alert did not alter the items visitors entering post needed to have as they entered the gates. Picture identification and vehicle registration papers should be available for inspection. And visitors should be prepared for any delays associated with random vehicle checks.