Paris Transit Launches Politeness Campaign

Jul 30, 2012
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And our last word in business today comes from Paris, or should we say Paris? It is la politique.


For you Francophones, you heard correctly: politeness - or in this case, a lack thereof.

The Paris Public Transport Authority has launched a campaign against rudeness.

MONTAGNE: Ceiling-high subway billboards poke fun at bad manners. They depict French men and women with giant animal heads - a donkey spitting out gum, a frog leaping the turnstile, a chicken clucking loudly on her cell phone. The campaign was launched after transport officials received complaints about train etiquette.

WERTHEIMER: According to one French pollster, 60 percent of those surveyed cited rudeness as their number one source of stress - higher than unemployment or the debt crisis. Quelle surprise.

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MONTAGNE: And je m'appelle Renee Montagne. A bientot. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.