Pop Culture Happy Hour: Dog Days And Classic Film Talk

Aug 31, 2012

When you can't beat the slowness of late summer as an entertainment season, you can at least embrace it, and that's what we did this week. Dog days of summer winding down, you say? We say it's time to talk about pop culture dogs. Not dogs in the "lousy product" sense, but dogs in the sense of literal, actual dogs. Faithful, friendly, silly, whether the size of an ottoman or the size of a wallet.

Among the little treasures, Stephen is fond of this slightly obscure dog — at least these eight minutes of him.

After that, we consider the relatively low supply of new movies at the moment, and we take the opportunity to recommend some classic films we haven't talked about before that you might not have ever seen, or that perhaps you've forgotten. Among our top recommendations: Glen recommends this one. Trey recommends this one. Stephen recommends this one, and I recommend this one. (I extra-recommend mine, of course. Look at this clip!) Stephen's is, as he says on the show, a bit hard to find, but the other three are available for streaming at least on Amazon, though not on Netflix.

And as always, we close with what's making us happy this week. Glen is made happy by some information that came to him after our last show, but also by this excellent movie. Trey is made happy by this upcoming PBS show. Stephen is made happy by this truly wonderful record, which you should listen to right now. I'm made happy by another reality-improvement marathon, as well as by this not-yet-released book.

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P.S. I kid! I kid The Newsroom!

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