Spring Weather Woes

May 19, 2017

"More Mammatus" May 18, 2017
Credit Doug Cole

Farmers may look forward to the rains that come every May. Radio stations and chief engineers? Not so much!

KCCU-FM depends on eight (8) separate and distinct power grids to deliver programming to you. Furthermore, if the power at our studio goes out, the entire network will go dark as happened early this morning (May 19.)

In addition to that, if the internet goes down or the power goes out at one of our transmitters, the signal will be compromised at that location.

Currently, 89.3FM in Lawton and 100.1FM in Chickasha are off-air due to a lightning strike at our Lawton transmitter. Since Chickasha depends on the Lawton transmitter for its signal, when 89.3 goes down, so does 100.1

Our engineer shipped the damaged part for the Lawton transmitter back to the manufacturer yesterday. We have been told seven business days to repair. That does not include transport to and from the manufacturer. 89.3 and 100.1 will probably be off-air for around two-weeks.

Spring is great for flowers and farmers, but we cross our fingers every time severe weather passes through our area. Since our network coverage area is larger than some states back east, there is always a better-than-even chance that severe weather is going to take one of our station off-air temporarily, sometimes even longer.