Use Care in Frigid Weather

Lawton, Ok. – With the latest round of winter storms striking the area, the experts have some tips to keep you safe. If you must go out, dress warmly in layers. Remember to wear a hat or scarf to keep your body heat from escaping. Use gloves or mittens. A scarf or ski mask can help to keep your face warm, too.
Make sure your vehicle is winterized. Have needed items such as jumper cables, snow scraper and snow brush, blankets, flashlight, flares, snack food, bottled water and a first aid kit in the trunk. Kitty litter and cardboard could help in case you get stuck due to wintry precipitation. A cell phone could help, too. Remember that some of the travelers on I-44 near Miami were stranded up to five hours after a 75-car pileup on Sunday as that area was hit by blizzard-like conditions and snow accumulated to one foot.
At home, keep cabinet doors open under sinks to allow warm air to circulate to prevent frozen pipes. Also, let faucets drip. And disconnect hoses from outdoor hydrants.
Make sure animals have shelter from the cold outdoors and that they have plenty of fresh--not frozen--water.
Also, check on the elderly to make sure they are warm enough and using adequate heat.
If you use a space heater, do not use extension cords. Make sure there is nothing flamable within three feet of the heater. Never leave them unattended. Do not use kitchen stoves for heating your living spaces. And with the first confirmed death in Oklahoma due to hypothermia this week, an elderly woman whose body was discovered in her home when authorities were asked to check on her welfare, people are reminded to check daily on the elderly, homebound and those living alone.