Weekend Special: Underwater Torpedo Adopted By A Group Of Traveling Mammals

Aug 11, 2012
Originally published on August 11, 2012 2:06 pm

Why Mark Peters and his friends Jeremy, Dave and William had a torpedo onboard their fishing boat, I don't know.

These four guys were looking for tuna 20 miles off Santa Cruz, and not doing too badly. In the first minute of this video, shot last week on Aug. 6, they catch a nice fish. Then they take the torpedo, which Mark built to carry a GoPro high-definition camera, drop it in the water, and something crazy happens.

Their "torpedo" isn't a blow-up-the submarine device; it's just a thin underwater missile that can streak through the water just below the surface and record video — a kind of underwater moving camera — and suddenly, about 1 minute 40 seconds in, company arrives.

I won't say anything more. I want you to be surprised.

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