Young Conservatives Advisor at Texas A&M Quits

College Station, TX – A faculty adviser for the Texas A&M chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas has quit the role after the group posted fliers identifying four professors who signed a petition opposing ``demonization'' of 1960s radical William Ayers.

John Fike, a professor in engineering technology and industrial engineering, quit as adviser last week, the Bryan-College Station Eagle reported.

The national petition asked for support for education ``as an enterprise devoted to human inquiry, enlightenment and liberation'' and had more than 4,000 signatures. It circulated during the presidential race, when Ayers' acquaintanceship with President-elect Barack Obama became a campaign issue.

Ayers, now a University of Illinois education professor, is a former leader of the Weather Underground.

The fliers quoted Ayers as saying he doesn't regret setting bombs. They included photos of the four Texas A&M professors with the words, ``Would you support a man with these views?''