Ken Rudin's Political Junkie on KCCU

Tuesday at 1:40 PM
  • Hosted by Ken Rudin

Get your weekly fix of smart, informative and fun political coverage on Ken Rudin's Political Junkie! Host Ken Rudin brings his trademark humor and encyclopedic knowledge of American history to this podcast of conversations with journalists, pundits, and politicians.

Ken brings his years of experience as a long-time political reporter to the fore as he highlights notable moments in political history, and looks ahead to the biggest issues, personalities and horse-races on the national political scene. Plus, listeners are invited to show off their political knowledge with Ken’s weekly trivia question and Scuttlebutton puzzles.

Political Junkie was formerly a weekly segment of NPR’s Talk of the Nation from 2006 until the show’s conclusion in 2013. The weekly Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie podcast launched as an independent production in October 2013, made possible by in-kind support from WAMU 88.5 FM in Washington, DC.

Ken Rudin